Tom Wilson

Cushman & Wakefield


Job Functions:




Thomas G. Wilson, Jr. joined the Bellevue, Washington Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce office in August 2001, after 12 years with Pacific Coast Feather Company where he directed 3 million square feet of industrial and office space for the hometextiles manufacturer. Mr. Wilson has directed lease, sublease, sale, and redevelopment assignments throughout the US and Canada.


Mr. Wilson was Cushman & Wakefield's Seattle Area Service Excellence Award winner in 2004 & 2006. Mr. Wilson is a board memeber with the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church, and is a former board member and past President of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.


Regional Major Transactions


Panattoni Seaway Business Center 600,000 sf Leasing


Opus Seaway Commerce Center 155,000 sf Leasing


Intracorp Industrial Center – Seaway 110,000 sf Leasing


King County 60,000 sf Leasing


King County 26,000 sf Acquisition


King County 22,760 sf Acquisition


King County 12 acres Acquisition


Sound Color 925,000 sf Disposition


Doellken-Woodtape 95,000 sf/8.8 acres Disposition


Wabash National 90,000sf/6.5 acres Disposition


Eldorado Stone 100,000 sf Tenant rep


Worldwide Parts & Accessories 40,000 sf Tenant rep


Diebold, Inc 14,000 sf Tenant rep


North Bend Commerce Center 95,000 sf Sales/leasing


Middle Fork Business Park 24 acre development Sales/leasing


National Major Transactions


Maquoketa 228,972 sf Sales/leasing


Lebanon 162,500 sf Disposition/sublease


Toronto 220,792 sf Tenant rep/sublease


New York 22,930 sf Tenant rep/sublease


Los Angeles 154,197 sf Sublease


St. Louis 48,000 sf Disposition


Charlotte 43,000 sf Disposition


Atlanta 34,300 sf Disposition


Houston 33,700 sf Disposition


Sacramento 33,000 sf Disposition


Seattle 24,435 sf Disposition


Calgary 22,800 sf Disposition




B.A. Political Science, Whitman College