Eva Malachi

Naftali Group

Executive Vice President of Operations

Job Functions:


Eva Malachi is the Executive Vice President of Operations at Naftali Group. Mrs. Malachi plays an integral role in managing all human resource activities and operations. Her key responsibilities include managing the compliance issues, solving all related operational issues, recruitment, compensation and insurance, IT, performance management and professional development. Mrs. Malachi successfully maintains strong ties in business communication and relationships, and directly works with the marketing, public relations and events department. Mrs. Malachi communicates directly with Miki Naftali on all aspects and details of the business and strategically makes decisions with the executive team across the breadth on the day-to-day. Mrs. Malachi has taken on asset management for Naftali Group's rental portfolio in Manhattan and Brooklyn- and sits on five condominium boards.cPrior to joining Naftali Group, Mrs. Malachi worked for Elad Properties for 8 years as the Chief of Staff to Miki Naftali. In that capacity, she headed the Human Resource Department and maintained the firm's partner communications. In addition, she oversaw contractors, compliance and broker relationships and edited budgets, property descriptions, investor presentations, zoning information and negotiated all office vendor accounts. Mrs. Malachi has an impressive track record and is a member of the Golden Key International Society. She is a Notary, OSHA certified and speaks three languages. She has a Master's Degree in Industrial Organization Psychology from Baruch College and a Psychology Bachelor's Degree from Rutgers University.

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