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Emily Robison

Silverado Interests, LLC

Head of Business Intelligence


Emily Robison creates investor-facing materials and leverages data/technology to operationalize business intelligence solutions for acquisitions, operations, and strategic scaling. She is a self-taught analyst focusing on business process improvement and effective data storytelling. Before joining Silverado in 2019, Emily was a professional fine art concert dancer and choreographer. Throughout her seven years as a professional artist, she independently developed, managed, financed, and executed more than 10 creative projects that received recognition in New York City, Houston, Detroit, and Seattle. In addition, she has worked for several non-profits, most notably as a grant panelist for Houston Arts Alliance’s 2018 Support for Artists and Creative Individuals where over $1.3M was distributed to awardees based on panelists’ selections. Emily was named one of Houston’s Top 100 Creatives in 2014. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University in May 2019.