Permanent Loan Request

8 Somerset Lane | Edgewater NJ

Requested Loan Terms

Loan Amount $10,000,000
Recourse Type Non-Recourse1
Loan Purpose Refinance
Loan Type Fixed Rate
Loan Term 10 Years

1 With standard bad-boy carve outs & environmental indemnities

Deal Highlights

  • Cushman & Wakefield appraised the Property for $16.7MM (60% LTV) in July 2022.
  • Construction of the Property was completed in 2021.
  • The Property recently completed initial lease-up and is currently 100% occupied.
  • The current in-place NOI debt yield is approximately 7.6%. 
  • The Property is exceptionally located near many popular neighborhood amenities such as Whole Foods Market, Target, Trader Joes, and City Place at the Promenade
  • All of the units at the Property are designated as affordable and have the following AMI restrictions:
    • 50% must have rents at no more than 60% AMI
    • 50% must have rents below 50% AMI

Executive Summary

On behalf of Joseph Daibes, Collette Daibes, and Alexander Daibes (collectively, the “Sponsor”), Greystone & Co., Inc. is pleased to present the opportunity to provide $10MM in loan proceeds for the refinance of 8 Somerset Lane (the “Property”), a 77-unit multifamily community located in Edgewater, New Jersey. The Property was completed in 2021 and it is currently 100% occupied. Per the 9/01/22 rent roll, the Property has an in-place underwritten NOI of $763,531 - or a 7.6% debt yield. There is one commercial lease with a law firm that operates out of unit 100. The lease has a five-year term (2/28/2027 LXD) and has a contractual rent of $1,000 / month. 


The Property benefits from a 30-year PILOT agreement whereby taxes will be set at 6.28% of the effective gross income for 30 years. The Property is subject to affordability restrictions by both the Borough of Edgewater Ordinance and Council of Affordable Housing ("COAH"), which is governed by the Uniform Housing Affordability Council Statutes.  According to the statutes, the Property is required to have at least 50% of the units designated as at or below low-income units (50% AMI) and the remaining units designated as at or below moderate-income units (80% AMI). Additionally, the statutes state that the maximum rent shall be no more than 60% AMI, the average rent for low- and moderate-income units must be no more than 52% AMI, and the Sponsor must keep rents for 10% of all low- and moderate-income units at no more than 35% AMI. 


The Property is currently unlevered and was constructed without any financing. The Sponsor is seeking a 10 year, fixed rate, non-principal recourse loan to refinance the property. Loan proceeds will be used to pay closing costs and return approximately $9.8MM of cash to the Sponsor. 


A recently commissioned a set of third party reports are available including a property condition report, environmental site assessment, zoning report, and an appraisal completed by Cushman & Wakefield in June 2022. The appraisal firm concluded on an as-is value of $16.7MM which equates to a 60% LTV on the requested loan amount. This information, along with the latest rent roll, trailing operating statement, collections report, and other relevant deal information can be found in the data room. 

Key Property Details

Property Address 8 Somerset Lane (a/k/a 45 River Rd), Edgewater, NJ
Year Built 2021


# of Residential Units 77 units (including Super)
# of One-Bedroom Units 76 units
# of Two-Bedroom Units   2 units
Commercial Units 1 lease (unit 100)
Parking On-site surface parking
Total Rentable Square Feet 56,630 square feet
Average Square Feet / Unit 735 square feet

Average Rent

$1,287 / unit / month

Average Rent 

($ PSF)

$1.75  PSF


Market Overview

  • The Property is located near a collection of national and local retailers, a shopping mall and waterfront promenade, multiple grocery stores, and a number of local neighborhood amenities. 
  • Residents have a short-walk (0.2 miles) to the nearest NJ Transit bus stop. The bus offers service to Port Authority Terminal in ~20 minutes. 
  • Recent comparable sales in the market support a 4.60% cap rate (Cushman & Wakefield, July 2022)

Nearby Shopping

Local Dining

Popular Neighborhood Attractions

City Place at the Promenade

  • City Place is an outdoor shopping and luxury residential condominium complex located on the Hudson River approximately 0.50 miles from the Property. Its’ unique environment located just minutes from Manhattan includes 26 stores, 7 restaurants, a fitness complex, spa and hotel. 
  • See all of the dining, nightlife and shopping options by clicking Here

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

  • The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is a pathway on the western shore of the Hudson River in New Jersey and can be accessed 1.1 miles from the Property. The Walkway provides free access 24/7 for the enjoyment of the general public.
  • Visit the Hudson River Waterfront's website to learn more.

James J. Braddock Park

  • Located 0.8 miles from the Property and situated on over 167 acres, the James J. Braddock Park is one of the largest and most beautiful of Hudson County’s parks. The park is home to the 16-acre Woodcliff Lake and has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. It offers an impressive array of forty-five various athletic facilities, as well as a variety of natural features. 
  • Learn more about this expansive public amenity by visiting the park's website

NJ Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency - Maximum Rent Limits (4/2022)

Percent of AMI Max Rent - 1 Bedroom

Max Rent - 2 Bedroom

30% AMI $723 $600
60% AMI $1,447 $1,324
80% AMI $1,930 $1,807


Property Photographs

For More Information Please Contact:

Thomas Wayda

Managing Director

o:  917.421.4534

m: 415.531.9201 

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