Executive Summary


Colliers has been engaged by Stotan Industrial to arrange joint venture equity for the development of Savannah Logistics Park.  The Project will consist of 5 spec buildings and will total 1,627,900 SF when finished. Best-in-class design features will be incorporated throughout the Project to include concrete tilt wall construction, ample trailer and auto parking and an exceptional class A industrial park feel. 


Joint Venture Request

Sponsor is seeking a 95/5 limited partner (“LP Investor”). The total equity commitment from the LP Investor will be $72.39M on a $169.33M total project cost.

Project Name: Savannah Logistics Park
Location: Rincon, GA
Total Size: 1,627,900± SF
Net Acreage: 138.21± Acres
# of Buildings: 5
Configuration: 3 Rear Loads
2 Cross Docks
Total Project Cost: $169,339,022 
Untrended Yield on Cost: 7.15%
Total Projected Profit: $51,132,944 


Investment Highlights

  • SIZE ADVANTAGE:  Savannah Logistics Park (“SLP”) features small to mid-sized buildings targeting tenants ranging from 100,000 to 450,000 SF. Roughly 80%, 33 of 42 active prospects, currently seeking space fall within this range. 
  • LACK OF COMPETING SUPPLY:  Of the 16.5MSF of new supply that will be delivered over the next 12-18 months, only 26% (4.3MSF) will compete with SLP. These are spaces that can accommodate users ranging from 100,000 to 450,000 SF.
  • PORT PROXIMITY ADVANTAGE:  Only 14 miles from the Savannah Garden City Terminal Port, SLP is significantly closer than the vast majority of competing speculative development. This location will allow 4-5 “turns” per day to-from the port. Very few developable sites remain within 15 miles of the Savannah ports.
  • LABOR ADVANTAGE:  SLP’s location in Effingham County will provide a labor advantage as compared to the more densely developed Chatham & Bryan Counties. This advantage will grow as the Hyundai plant becomes fully operational in 2025.
  • TRANSPORTATION ADVANTAGE:  Infrastructure improvements will further improve swift access to the nearby port terminals. By 2025, the Effingham Parkway will be completed. This 6-mile long, 4-lane highway connecting State Road 30 (due east of SLP) and Blue Jay Road, near the intersection of Highways 95 & 21, will significantly reduce traffic on route 21, further reducing drive times between the Savannah ports and SLP.
  • TIMING ADVANTAGE:  With very few new development starts since Q4 2022, SLP will deliver at a time of decreased competition, with a variety of versatile buildings, closer to the port than most of the diminished competition.
  • SHOVEL READY: Construction permit is in hand so that site clearing, and mass grading can commence immediate (same day) as land closing. Carry costs will be more compressed on this project that any other – all 5 buildings can be constructed immediately if we so wish, further reducing carry, driving yields higher. The numbers within this OM contemplate 2 phases, with 3 buildings delivered in phase I and 2 buildings in phase II.


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