Wexford Real Estate Investors

Wexford Real Estate Investors

West Palm Beach, FL

Wexford Capital (“Wexford”) is an SEC-registered, value-oriented multi-strategy investment firm that has been capturing risk-adjusted returns across public and private markets since its inception in 1994.


Wexford maintains a highly opportunistic approach to investing, centered on buying quality assets at attractive prices. Wexford’s enduring success stems from its ability to consistently form views that vary from consensus relative to the market, which is driven by Wexford’s foundational private equity experience.


The firm is run by founding partners Charles Davidson and Joseph Jacobs, whose more than five decade investment careers elevate the team and strategy beyond the consensus perspectives that typify many funds in its class. Since inception, the core leadership team has always instilled a collaborative culture and is engaged in driving differentiated viewpoints across all parts of the investment process.