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Versity Investments, LLC

Aliso Viejo, CA

Founded in 2018

Versity Investments, LLC (formerly NB Private Capital, LLC or “NBPC”) is a real estate investment company located in Orange County, California. Founded in 2018, the company specializes in student housing and multi-family projects across the US. The company’s predecessor, Nelson Brothers Professional Real Estate (“NB”) was originally founded in 2007. Through 2017, NB grew to over $800 million in managed real estate with over 1,300 investors and was ranked the 129th fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.; however, 2018 underscored the need for restructuring and created NBPC.


The name change was prompted by a desire to rebrand and reflect the expanding business model of the company as it grows in size, scope and strategy. The new name reflects a more wholistic approach to real estate investments as the company expands beyond just student housing, and denotes the experience and professionalism of the company, while underlying its traditionally excellent customer service.


Through its investor-centric approach to real estate investment, Versity identifies evolving investor goals and objectives to create strategies around real estate projects that align with those goals. Now, with an added emphasis on institutional investment, development, and an expansion into new real estate markets, company leaders believed it was time to rebrand and update the company name to reflect its evolution.


Versity Investments specializes in real estate investments across the country with a combined value of well over one billion dollars over its 14 year history. With 30 properties in 17 US states, Versity has raised several hundred million dollars in equity investments en route to becoming one of the largest syndicators of real estate in the country.