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San Antonio, TX

Founded in 1982

The depth and breadth of our combined USAA Real Estate – Square Mile Capital investment team provide investors access to the wide range of product expertise, market knowledge and research resources that are leveraged within the platform. Our partners benefit from the timely and well-informed execution of strategies across the capital stack and risk spectrum, as well as our diligent focus on value creation as we acquire, develop, finance and manage our diversified portfolio. Our talented team of asset managers are the front line for creating value and managing risk at the property level. Our team knows that the best way to manage an asset’s performance is to keep it well leased and maintained. Many of our strategies rely on value creation through renovation, redevelopment and substantial leasing. When an asset’s strategy has run its course, whether it be a long-term hold or a more tactical investment, the Asset Management team encourages and assists in selling the asset as we seek to realize returns for our investors.