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Trinity Development Group Inc.

Since its inception, Trinity has embodied a spirit of leadership that's made us one of the most innovative developers in Canada. Leaning on our vast expertise, we treat each development as a unique opportunity to create inspired spaces that define communities and help our tenants thrive. When John Ruddy set out to create a commercial real-estate business in 1992, he had one goal in mind: to be the leading developer of retail space in the country. Since then, Trinity Development Group Inc. has created over 31.4 million feet of retail space across Canada, with many of their properties representing the finest examples of mixed-use land development in the industry. It’s been this disciplined approach of experience and innovation that has created development projects that define communities, and redefine the sector as a whole. Through an experienced team of executives and design professionals, Trinity continues to lead, rejecting expected solutions and crafting a legacy for the future. The Trinity Development Group Inc. is active in three distinct segments of real-estate development: Urban Mixed-Use Centres, Community Centres, and Large Format Centres. In each, we strive to create spaces that allow tenants to thrive and communities to prosper.