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Towne Storage Management Co.

Like how a lot of small businesses begin, Towne Storage started with an idea between two friends, Gary Free and Jamie McQueen. This idea began to fully develop in early 1993 when Gary and Jamie started building their first storage project together: South Town Storage Company, which opened in 1994.


Business opportunities continued to grow and in January 2002, they opened their third self-storage property. It was quickly apparent that a management company was needed to operate their three storage facilities and to help develop additional properties. Towne Storage Management Company was formed and Burke Bradshaw was on board to operate the management company. His expertise in the self-storage industry, combined with his business management skills, assisted business growth to five locations by the end of 2002.


Since the initial idea came to fruition, Towne Storage has grown to operate, have under construction, and continue in development nearly 40 properties. We look forward to the addition of more properties in the future. Currently, Towne Storage properties serve the Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Utah’s Wasatch Front and the Southern Utah markets.


Towne Storage also offers management services to other storage owners who want to improve their revenue and property management; or for those who want a reputable company to manage their property so they may pursue other ventures.