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Tower Investments, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

Tower Investments, Inc. (“Tower”) is a leading developer of retail, entertainment, mixed use, residential and commercial properties in the Philadelphia area. Since 1978, the company has distinguished itself as an innovator and pioneer, finding significant opportunities in areas overlooked and underserved by more traditional firms. Based in Philadelphia, Tower is a privately held development company with expertise in all aspects of planning, design, construction, financing and leasing. Tower is known for its aggressive and creative urban investments in major projects.


Principal Bart Blatstein recognized long before anyone else the enormous potential of Delaware Avenue for large scale retail and commercial development. This vast retail and commercial district, built on formerly abandoned industrial property entirely without government subsidy, established Tower as a leader. Tower then set its development focus on the redevelopment of Northern Liberties and established this neighborhood as the place in Philadelphia, to live, work and play. These two large redevelopment efforts have created jobs, business opportunities, tax revenues and the impetus for more investment in the Philadelphia.


Tower has developed more than a million square feet of retail, commercial, entertainment and residential space. Among the firm’s other projects area, Avenue North on Broad Street in North Philadelphia and entertainment, commercial and residential developments in Manayunk.


Tower is committed to creating mixed-use urban enterprises that enhance the cityscape, improve the City’s tax base and create employment and business opportunities. Tower’s developments on vacated industrial land throughout the City have created more business locations, business opportunities, permanent jobs, and millions of dollars in annual sales and real estate taxes.