Thompson Thrift

Thompson Thrift

Terre Haute, IN

Founded in 1986

John Thompson and Paul Thrift began laying plans for their business partnership while attending Indiana State University. Those plans came to fruition in 1986 with the founding of Thompson Thrift. Since that time, Thompson Thrift has grown from a locally focused development and construction company into an integrated, full-service real estate company with a national scope.


Thompson Thrift is an integrated full-service real estate company with offices in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana, Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona. Three business units drive Thompson Thrift’s success—Watermark Residential, focused on upscale apartment home communi­ties and luxury leased homes; Thompson Thrift Retail Group (TTRG), focused on ground-up mixed-use and retail development and leasing; and Thompson Thrift Construction, a full-service construction company.