The Bozzuto Group

The Bozzuto Group

Greenbelt, MD

Founded in 1988

At Bozzuto, we’re a diversified real estate company celebrated for our developments, construction, property management and homebuilding. As a generationally-owned, independently-operated family business we challenge ourselves every day to continue building our rich family culture that’s as passionate, inspiring and vibrant as the communities we create and serve.


Tom Bozzuto and his partners knew that true success comes to those who “do things the right way.” They founded Bozzuto on values and built the company on integrity. Since 1988, we’ve been driven by their vision to provide sanctuary for all. We work with partners and communities to develop, build and manage homes, apartment communities and retail experiences that enrich neighborhoods and the lives of those who live there.


Currently, Bozzuto employs 2,700+ people, manages 78,000+ apartment units, has acquired or developed 50,000 homes and apartment units, and generates $500 million of construction revenues annually. While Greenbelt, Maryland is the official headquarters, Bozzuto has communities across New England, the Tri-State area, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Florida.