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The Amera Corporation

Coral Springs, FL

The Amera Corporation is not a typical real estate development company. It’s a family business founded by George Rahael in the late 1970’s when he migrated from Trinidad & Tobago to the United States. However, its origins began long before it was officially formed.


Amera traces its roots to the textile industry in Trinidad & Tobago in late 1930s. It was then that Michael Rahael, George’s father, began as a door-to-door salesman in the countryside. In 1950, Michael opened in a store in Arima, Trinidad. Michael was known for his tremendous work ethic, the unity of his family, and the strength of his business. Strong family values were the foundation for the family’s business. From the time they were young, the eight Rahael children learned the importance of hard work and all worked in the store after school and on weekends.


As a young man, George, the eldest son, continued to work the family’s retail business where he learned the fundamentals of buying, selling and adding value. It was during that time that George developed an interest and love for real estate. He took his experiences as a cloth merchant and applied those concepts to the real estate market in Trinidad in the 1970s.


When George left Trinidad in 1979 with his wife and children, he founded the Florida-based real estate development company later known as The Amera Corporation. During the 1980s, George Rahael expanded his knowledge of the local South Florida real estate market while developing shopping centers, residential apartment/condos, and duplexes. In the early 1990s, Amera expanded into re-development projects and offered additional property management and leasing services to its clients.


During that time, the Amera development, management, and leasing team expanded to include well-respected and well-known partners from the real estate community. In 1999, the City of Coral Springs began the search for a developer to re-vitalize its central business area. After competing with nationally recognized developers, Amera was selected as the Master Developer for Downtown Coral Springs.


Today, Amera is known for its award-winning projects, developing places for people and building value for the community.