Sym Investments

Cedarhurst, NY

SYM Investments has been active for the past decade. It has grown organically, at first investing, from its family fund, as a limited partner, then purchasing and operating value add assets with a low barrier to entry. Presently SYM Investments has a robust investor pool specifically purchasing undervalued core plus assets with strong cash on cash returns. SYM Investments partially funds all of our real estate endeavors with our own equity. Our investors are truly partners on each of our opportunities with SYM sharing the loss risk. We believe as a policy SYM must financially back our decisions for our investors. See who you will be investing with and who will be investing with you. All our investments are built to provide a 15% minimum IRR to our investors. Our portfolio on average has produced 50% to 100% returns after sale. With a cash on cash before disposition or refinance in the double digits. Currently Sym Investments owns 1,000,000 Sq Ft, with an estimated value close to $250,000,000. Since the birth of SYM Investments, its founder, Leon Mayer has stuck to a simple algorithm for success. Buy in developing markets, find assets that provide current value for investors and have value add opportunity, be conscious of larger market forces, and most importantly keep things simple.