Sundance Bay

Sundance Bay

Salt Lake City, UT

Founded in 2012

Sundance Bay was founded in 2012 when we acquired two small multifamily assets. Since then, we have funded over $750 million in loans. In addition, our multifamily business has acquired over 4,500 units across the United States. Our seasoned management team collectively has over 130 years and $4 billon of real estate development and investment experience.


We pride ourselves by offering a relationship-first approach to serve borrowers in ways that banks and traditional lenders cannot. Additionally, we personally invest in each venture with the aim to preserve capital while doing our utmost to maximize yield and to mitigate risks inherent to the cyclical nature of real estate investments.


As a real estate firm, we specialize in debt lending, multifamily investing, and net lease investing nationwide. We maintain discipline and focus with our team of dedicated investment professionals.