Stonelake Capital Partners

Stonelake Capital Partners is a real estate private equity firm with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Stonelake acquires and develops industrial, multifamily and office properties and owns over $3.5 billion of commercial real estate in Sunbelt Markets including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa & El Paso. Stonelake owns, is developing or has developed 20.0 million square feet of industrial warehouses, 6,100 multifamily units, and 3.0 million square feet of office buildings. Stonelake manages institutional capital through discretionary private equity investment partnerships and counts among its investors some of the country’s largest college endowments, charitable foundations and hospital systems. Stonelake has raised $1.6 billion of equity across 6 private equity funds over the last 14 years. Stonelake was founded in Austin, Texas in 2007 by Kenneth Aboussie and John Kiltz.