Square Mile Capital

Square Mile Capital

New York, NY

Founded in 2006

Founded in 2006, Square Mile has an extensive history investing capital across multiple fund and coinvestment vehicles. Our platform invests in the debt and equity of stabilized, value add and development real estate opportunities in select markets. Our investment programs include first mortgages, mezzanine loans, preferred equity and joint venture equity. Square Mile's culture emphasizes integrated teamwork across all of our activities. Our large U.S. footprint, enhanced by Square Mile's strategic partnership with USAA Real Estate Company, enables us to leverage proprietary market insights through a unified sourcing and investment philosophy that positions our platform to capitalize upon opportunities throughout all phases of the commercial real estate cycle. As a sponsor with significant coinvestment in our investment programs, we are fully aligned with our investors and partners.


Square Mile Capital is committed to the goal of diversity and creating an equitable society for all. The Firm joins with its investors, partners, borrowers and counterparties and with the population at large in seeking solutions to social injustice, and to building a lasting environment where every individual can enjoy equal opportunity, fair treatment and respect. Square Mile regards this as a core value of our Firm, embedded in all aspects of how we conduct our business every day. Likewise, the Firm seeks to engage with other organizations who share similar values.