Somera Capital Management

Somera Capital Management

Carpinteria, CA

Founded in 1994

Somera Capital Management is a boutique real estate investment firm that was founded in 1994 to acquire and manage value-added real estate investments on behalf of our principals and accredited investor partners. Somera invests in properties that are well-located with sound physical and economic fundamentals, have the ability to generate attractive levels of distributable cash, and to which we can add value by executing recapitalization or repositioning strategies.

With more than 25 years of experience investing in commercial real estate related opportunities across multiple sectors and geographic regions, Somera has sponsored over 120 investment partnerships on behalf of our principals and investor clients. Capital preservation is our guiding principle. We are a forward-thinking firm engaging in value creation and specialty finance. Through a diversified investment portfolio that crosses multiple sectors, including hospitality, retail, office and apartments, Somera identifies, supports, and monitors real estate investments with the goal of preserving invested capital, and providing regular distributions of cash flow.

This cross-sector neutrality provides Somera the flexibility to rise above the ebbs and flows of the marketplace, thereby avoiding the risk that occurs in sector concentrated real estate platforms. That strategy is further enhanced by spreading investments geographically, from the West Coast (Seattle to San Diego) to Arizona and the East Coast. A diversity of investments is Somera’s greatest strength, both in terms of sectors, and in defined geographic locations.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Somera has enjoyed repeated success investing in the hospitality, multi-family, and retail markets of California’s Coastal region. This experience has led to an expansion of investment activity throughout the West Coast, from Seattle to San Diego. In more recent years, Somera identified the Arizona area as a market with dynamic investment characteristics, and we have expanded our holdings there.

Additionally, Somera opened an office in Washington, D.C. in 2005, and is actively investing in the Mid-Atlantic and South-Atlantic regions, predominantly from Delaware to Florida.