Sethi Management Inc.

Carlsbad, CA

Sethi Management, Inc. is a leading service provider in the industry. Our team of hand-picked experienced professionals will help assist you in your hotel, retail, and restaurant management needs. Sethi Management’s mission is to manage outstanding hotels, retail stores, and restaurants. To invest in and develop profitable real estate and continue our growth. To provide our associates a positive work experience each day. To ensure that each of our guests receives professional and friendly service. To deliver optimum results for our owners and investors. To grow in profitability so we can give back to our community. The Sethi Family has successfully owned and operated over 75 businesses across a diversified portfolio, which includes convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, tanning salons, and commercial real estate. We specialize in managing hospitality and retail businesses efficiently while optimizing profitability and nurturing loyalty with our investors, franchise partners, guests, and associates. Sethi Management continues to strive for success by building its management structure, developing its executive team, and staying loyal to its values.