Roedel Companies LLC

Wilton, NH

From Hotel Development, to Renovation and Construction, to Management, Interior Design, and Procurement, Roedel Companies offers an expert eye to bring your next hospitality project to the next benchmark and beyond.


Our services are more than just the work we do; they drive our passions, push us forward, and take us on to the next challenge. Pair that with our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our guests and our investors and you get to the very heart of what we believe in (and work so hard to achieve): Hotels. Done Right. Offering a comprehensive suite of hospitality industry services, we put our team’s extensive firsthand knowledge, proven experience, and established contacts to work for you. We maximize free cash flow and return on investment for hotel owners and investors, all built on a company culture driven by bright, energetic and passionate people who remain committed to exceptional guest and investor experiences.


Roedel Companies is approved by all the major hotel brands, and we’re proud to offer Hotel Development & Acquisitions, Hotel Management, Construction & Renovation Services and Interior Design & Procurement. True experts in our field, rest assured we can handle the details - so you can focus on what you do best.