Realty Trust Group

Realty Trust Group

Knoxville, TN

Founded in 1998

Real estate is typically one of the top expenses for any healthcare provider. When viewed as a cost, real estate can be a barrier to strategic initiatives. But when viewed as a strategic asset, real estate can be a catalyst for growth. At RTG, we believe "Real estate follows strategy." Following this motto, RTG is committed to providing innovative real estate solutions so that healthcare leaders save money, manage risks, and enhance delivery of care. RTG acts as an extension of the healthcare leadership team to bring a comprehensive view of their real estate and empower the organization to position real estate as a strategic asset, not just a cost of doing business. RTG brings an "advisory-first" approach to everything we do, it's fundamental to who we are and how we work with our clients.


Since 1998, RTG has served many of the nation's premier health systems, physician practices and property owners, helping providers navigate the multi-faceted aspects of their real estate portfolios. We have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients.


RTG is known for our people—our depth of knowledge, broad experience, and unwavering integrity. Our team of dedicated healthcare real estate professionals bring an unparalleled commitment to providing independent and objective advise, no matter what the issue or question at hand. Managing more than 14.5 million square feet of healthcare real estate and completed projects in 30+ states, RTG can help you gain market leadership and enhance your delivery of care through innovative real estate solutions.