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RAL Companies & Affiliates, LLC

RAL Companies & Affiliates, LLC

New York, NY

RAL designs tasteful office, residential, hospitality, and resort properties in the US. and internationally. RAL’s roots are in design, as the company was originally founded as a design and architectural firm. The team’s unique approach to design honors the company’s past by making sure their exceptional in-house interior designers and architects focus on creating timeless and original designs that consider their surroundings and impact.


RAL has developed a strong reputation within the industry for completing projects on time and on budget. The firm brings a collaborative approach to property development, applying the talents of an experienced, diverse, and multidisciplinary team to complex and challenging projects.


RAL is an extraordinary partner to both equity investors and principal owners. The company’s top-quality team helps them in transforming challenges into successes through detailed and unparalleled planning and execution. In the public-private sector, RAL has an exceptional history partnering with governments and local communities in creating new places and achieving true economic development goals.