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Principal Asset Management

Principal Asset Management

Des Moines, IA

Founded in 1879

Our real estate strategies target equity and debt investments in real property, typically involving an active management approach, seeking realized returns.


When it comes to private debt—particularly core mortgages and subordinated debt—the scale of Principal Real Estate Investors offers a distinct advantage. We've become a go-to resource for borrowers and peer lenders in the commercial mortgage market because we can participate anywhere along the debt spectrum—which ultimately benefits our investors.


Our debt platform is vertically integrated and incorporates underwriting, closing, appraisal, engineering, research, and servicing. This range of capabilities helps us control the timing and quality of every aspect of a deal we make.


Our private equity platform offers a range of investment capabilities across the risk spectrum, from traditional core strategies focused on stabilized, income-producing investments, to opportunistic property development and redevelopment opportunities.


We're also committed to responsible property investing, and implement sustainable features across our portfolios. Our commitment helps "future-proof" properties and provides potential economic benefits with relatively minimal expenditures.


Our investment strategies include:


Real Estate Core Property Strategy

A private equity "core" investment strategy that focuses on active management of portfolios of nationally diversified, high quality, income-producing properties. Launched in 1982, it's one of the most widely used private commercial real estate investment vehicles in the U.S.


Real Estate Core-Plus Strategy

A private equity "core-plus" investment strategy that focuses on a U.S. diversified portfolio of high-quality assets. It seeks to provide a market-competitive, risk-adjusted total return and focuses on stabilized, income-producing assets.