Price Development Group

Price Development Group

Dallas, TX

Founded in 1990

Price Development Group, LLC, a privately owned limited liability company, specializes in acquisition and development opportunities with an emphasis on residential, retail and mixed-use projects. With an entrepreneurial spirit and real estate acumen honed by working in an often volatile marketplace, we understand how decisions today affect the value of investments tomorrow. Guided by Kent A. Price and Monte Wendler, there is over 50 years of experience in property development, acquisitions, ownership, management, financing and disposition.


Committed to creating superior investor value with the fusion of well designed sites and architectural styles, PDG's strength in balancing the vision of a project with listening and responding to the needs of those who live and work in their communities results in the creation of exceptional investments that contribute to the growth of communities. Solid market research, innovative design, quality of construction and a strong fiscal foundation assures the success of PDG's projects.