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Precision Equity, LLC

Tulsa, OK


Precision Equity believes that well located cash-flowing multifamily and retail properties are attractive investment assets in nearly all economic conditions. Multifamily real estate is well understood as an inflation hedge in boom years and recent history has also shown that demand for rental apartments can increase during economic downturns. This helps insulate multifamily real estate from the downward pressures acting on other categories of real estate during a recession.

Precision Equity follows a conservative investment strategy of acquiring stabilized, cash-flowing, but under-performing multifamily properties that allow us to add value through enhanced operations and non-structural improvements. However, at each newly acquired property we typically undertake a program of capital improvements and implement new professional property managers with a track record of achieving and maintaining high occupancy and profitability.



Precision Equity’s value-added investment strategy focuses on the acquisitions of underperforming multi-family assets in selected target markets that are relatively supply constrained and exhibit favorable near-term prospects for improving rents and property values through active property renovation and repositioning. The Company seeks to increase value by transforming asset’s overall attractiveness through enhanced curb appeal, amenities and the management of the property, thereby increasing its liquidity and improving its attractiveness to the institutional marketplace.

Being a full service real estate investment and advisory firm allows us to concentrate our efforts on creating value and outsized returns for its clients and stakeholders. Precision also invests its own money in the acquisitions that we sponsor. That shared risk makes us responsible stewards of our clients’ money.


With the depth of its senior management team in all areas of acquisition, development and management, the Company believes that it can continue to successfully exploit, execute and capitalize on inefficiencies in the apartment market.