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Partner's Capital, Inc.

Boston, MA

Founded in 2001

The firm was founded in 2001 by investment professionals seeking an independent and conflict-free adviser to provide portfolio construction advice and rigorous analysis of investment opportunities. From its initial focus as the "money managers to the money managers" with a base of 70 clients, Partners Capital has grown to become an adviser to small to mid-sized endowments and foundations as well as institutional scale private clients, prominent family offices and successful entrepreneurs across the U.S., U.K., Europe and Asia. Endowments have become a large proportion of the institutional client base, which includes Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, and many of the most highly respected museums and charitable foundations located around the world.


Among Partners Capital services are bespoke, outsourced investment solutions for endowments, foundations and tax-efficient and tax-deferred investment strategies for taxable private clients. For endowments and foundations, Partners Capital advises both entire portfolios as well as separate specialty strategies, such as Private Equity or Asian-focused all-asset-class strategies.


Partners Capital deploys an investment philosophy that embraces many of the powerful diversification benefits of the "endowment model" of investing, but with a more dynamic approach to asset allocation, which seeks to clearly delineate between performances derived from market factors as opposed to the skill of individual managers.


Today, with over $46B in assets advised, Partners Capital's clients comprise an approximately equal mix of private individuals and institutional clients. Many of our clients are among the most sophisticated investors in the world, with a sound understanding of investment principles and experience across multiple asset classes.