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Overland Real Estate

Overland Real Estate invests capital alongside like-minded investors, with a focus on fiduciary duty, alignment of interest, full transparency, and quality communication. Successful investing in real estate over the long-term requires a patient, disciplined, and focused approach. Our Investment Philosophy will always guide all investment and development decisions. The best way to understand and mitigate market risk, as well as identify and secure opportunities, is to be in the market every day and have intimate knowledge of the demographic, economic, political, and social trends that impact a market, submarket, neighborhood, block or specific lot. To this end, Overland Real Estate focuses on, and specializes in, Pacific Northwest real estate. Multifamily and mixed use investment and development is a nuanced business that requires deep expertise in both asset executions and operations to optimize cash flow and investor returns. Overland Real Estate relies on its deep experience in this asset class to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities. Within the multifamily and mixed-use real estate space, acquisition and development opportunities may present across a variety of execution strategies - from core-plus to value-add to development – and across multifamily product types – from luxury mixed use to subsidized affordable housing. Understanding these strategies and being able to execute on them maintains the benefits of focus while allowing for market opportunism in subsectors that may not be as competitively priced. Further, working across the income spectrum can provide counter-cyclical opportunities to balance portfolio performance.