Olen Properties

Newport Beach, CA

Founded in 1973

Since the founding of the company 46 years ago, we committed ourselves to a basic business principle: maintain stability through careful controlled growth and consistent hands-on management. Olen's success continues to be driven by this principle. Today, Olen has attained institutional stature in property ownership and development. We are particularly proud that our growth was achieved entirely through company operations and without outside equity sources. Our track record for high-quality properties that consistently deliver exceptional returns speaks for itself. What sets Olen apart from other companies in our industry is that we build and acquire projects for the express purpose of profitably retaining them indefinitely. Consequently, our focus has to be day-to-day, customer-focused and detail-oriented, while our vision has always been long term. These principles will continue to guide us and assure our future success.

We learned in our early years that in order to thrive in this industry a company has to be both financially and organizationally prepared to deal quickly with market changes. For Olen, being dynamic in our objectives by continuously adjusting for factors that affect our industry has meant the difference between continuously enhancing our assets rather than merely preserving them or having to dispose of them to survive. We not only weathered the last four real estate recessions, but managed to thrive and use them to our advantage. Olen's strong capital base and financial strength ensures our ability to acquire or build projects when we believe the timing is correct; as opposed to having to wait until the general wisdom in the market reaches that conclusion.

The past 46 years have also been personally rewarding. I have seen a company of substantial stature, with a dedicated staff, rise from a personal dream. Today, we are very confident about our future and the achievement of even loftier goals and we know that in our industry there is no room for complacency.