North Vista Capital

North Vista Capital

North Vista Capital, through private partnerships, acquires thoughtfully selected properties in Southern California and South Florida. We pursue long-term and short-term investment strategies. One of our primary strategies is a “value-add and hold” strategy. North Vista Capital creates value through hands-on repositioning with the goal of returning capital (tax-free) through periodic refinancing and providing stable cash flow for the duration of the hold. We believe the key to this strategy is the enhancement and long-term ownership of quality properties.


North Vista Capital targets infill markets with higher barriers to new supply in established and transforming neighborhoods to increase the potential for material appreciation. We pursue properties larger than those sought by less sophisticated investors but smaller than those sought by larger syndicators and institutional investors. We believe that more arbitrage and value opportunities exist in this segment of the market.


North Vista Capital is actively seeking acquisition opportunities in select geographic markets with the appropriate mix of current income and long-term appreciation potential.