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Node pioneered the concept of “curated living”: the next generation of urban apartment living with a focus on maximized, sustained long-term asset value. Node is a family owned and operated private equity business that invests in, develops, and manages long-term hold assets exclusively. Through the pandemic, our properties outperformed competitors. We specialize in high-efficiency design built to sustain changes in lifestyle and demographic demands. We focus on combining elements of micro/efficiency units, traditional apartments, coliving + coworking spaces, furnished and unfurnished space, and medium to long-term contracts to provide a product with sustainable demand and an offering diversified enough to weather any economic climate. We partner with like-minded executors who believe in the power of culture and inclusion. Our product is built for the future, which will require a diversity of product offerings to meet changing housing needs. We are looking for partners who are experts in local land acquisition and local resources. Node is focused on the future of housing. We look for unique opportunities to create a differentiated product offering. Node’s team is based across North America and Europe and draws on extensive experience in investment management, development and property management in various sectors including multifamily, student accommodation, coliving, hospitality, and coworking.