Nitya Capital

Nitya Capital

We value a global presence for our investors, assets, and our people. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and also have offices in Dallas and Bahrain. We are also in the process of opening locations in Orlando and London. As active investor-operators, we take a disciplined approach across all avenues pre and post-acquisition.


Our team of dedicated professionals works thoroughly to monitor key performance indicators and optimize asset performance, engaging in in-depth market research and data analysis. We additionally provide a thorough due diligence process and a holistic, hands-on asset management model, maximizing our attention to detail on all ends of the spectrum.


For every investment opportunity, we place a strong emphasis on favorable economic and demographic trends along with supply/demand dynamics through the strategic acquisition of assets across all real estate verticals. We provide tangible income-producing assets with attractive risk-adjusted returns. Whether it’s assets for a high cash-yield or assets with land value and downside protection, we always ensure that each of our investment options offers favorable returns for all our investors.