Newland Real Estate Group

San Diego, CA

Founded in 1968

For five decades, we've created communities for people who care as much as we do about the connection of home, work, shop, and play. We envision from the ground up, bringing to life communities where families live in the ways that matter most to them—places that are intentionally designed and created with the customer in mind and that only get better with time. Together, we create fully inspired places. Our collaborative, disciplined approach to creating communities is what sets us apart. Our mission statement, “creating exceptional places and experiences where people connect, are inspired, and thrive,” guides the full spectrum of what we do. The uniqueness of the land, nuance of each market, and evolving customer preferences drive the diverse style and mix of uses in the communities we build. Over the lifespan of a community, we re-envision plans and program mixes to adapt to changing market demand, family formations, and changing buyer preferences, incorporating lifestyle amenities, neighborhood centers, office parks, schools, and civic uses. Ranging in size from 50 acres to tens of thousands of acres, each community we create is as unique as the people who will one day live, work, shop, and play there.