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Mitsubishi Corporation

In the United States, the world’s largest real estate market, Mitsubishi Corporation has been developing multiple types of real estate (residential housing, logistics facilities and medical offices) for more than 25 years through Diamond Realty Investments, Inc. (DRI). In Japan, real estate development business has been done through Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development (MCUD).


Mitsubishi Corporation provides solutions tailored to customer needs by combining a wide range of knowledge and functions, taking advantage of its wide connections throughout the industry.


For both domestic and overseas institutional investors, Mitsubishi Corporation provides investment opportunities such as real estate private funds, private REITs, mezzanine debt funds and US real estate funds through Diamond Realty Management (DREAM). Diamond Realty Management America (DRM), located in the US, functions as the local asset manager.


Mitsubishi Corporation is engaged in various real estate development projects in Japan, Asia and North America. Past developments include commercial properties, logistics facilities, residential housings, and industrial parks. Mitsubishi Corporation especially will focus on the development of high value-added real estate in the ASEAN region, and will contribute to the local economy while achieving sustainable growth by utilizing the experience and knowledge gained through real estate development in Japan.