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Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investments

Mesa, AZ

Michael A. Pollack is the President and Founder of Pollack Investments, one of the largest independently owned and operated investment real estate companies based in Mesa, Arizona. Pollack Investments specializes in all aspects of retail, industrial, office, multi-family and single-family real estate including the ownership, management, construction, and the leasing of various types of real estate projects in California, Arizona and Nevada. Our companies 31,000 square foot corporate headquarters is located at 1136 West Baseline Road, Mesa, Arizona and is home to the highly specialized equipment used on a daily basis to stay on top of the real estate market and the properties that comprise the Pollack Real Estate portfolio. Michael began his real estate entrepreneurial career in San Jose, California over 47 years ago starting in single-family homes but quickly moved into the multi-family residential housing business where he was personally involved in either the development or redevelopment of more than 10,000 units. Michael’s real estate career has included projects in the states of California, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada and Arizona. With 2021 on the brink of daylight Michel is pleased to announce that his companies will enter the New Year with over 100 commercial, industrial, professional, and residential locations.