Merlone Geier Partners

Merlone Geier Partners

San Francisco, CA

Founded in 1993

Merlone Geier Partners is a vertically integrated and regionally focused firm. We invest in West Coast retail properties and actively perform our own leasing, property management, construction management, design and capital formation. Primarily focused on community and neighborhood shopping centers, Merlone Geier Partners and our predecessor, M&H Realty Partners, have been actively investing in West Coast retail properties since 1993. We have acquired, to date, 173 West Coast properties representing in excess of 28.5 million square feet. Our firm – co-managed by Peter J. Merlone and Bradley A. Geier – has raised more than $4.3 billion of discretionary institutional equity capital over the past 28 years. We provide our institutional investors the opportunity for attractive risk-adjusted returns through active real estate management, including leasing, redevelopment and densification. We commenced investment activities in our $1.14 billion twelfth fund, Merlone Geier Partners XII L.P., in February 2017.