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MD Management

Overland Park, KS

MD Management is a privately-held, family-owned company that specializes in all aspects of real estate development and management including planning, zoning, construction, financing and leasing. MD’s strategy since inception has been to purchase, develop and manage real estate as long-term investments. The Company is a significant owner in all managed properties. When assets are sold at opportunistic times, the company looks to redeploy capital into new ventures for current and future generations. As a result of being a privately-owned, family-controlled company, MD Management is able to maintain the flexibility to respond quickly to the newest opportunities nationwide and continue the tradition of long-term commitment to development projects. The Company continuously seeks out the best firms nationwide to partner with as it develops the vision for its properties, and is committed to quality projects that benefit the customers, tenants and owners. The Company has millions of square feet of retail and office space across the Midwest and approximately 2,000 acres of future development land in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. MD Management is currently involved in the development/redevelopment of several retail centers, including centers located in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.MD Management is committed to being actively involved in the communities in which its investments are located. In addition to real estate investments, the owners of the Company also own Valley View Bancshares, one of the largest privately-held bank holding companies in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The owners of the Company have two private charitable Foundations that disburse several million dollars in grants every year throughout the United States.