Margules Properties, Inc.

New York, NY

Margules Properties, Inc. (MPI) is a New York-based real estate investment firm. Since 1992, MPI has acquired over 87 properties in the New York City metropolitan area and Miami Beach through the formation of 44 LLCs. MPI specializes in multi-family properties and has owned all real estate product types including hotel, retail, office and development sites. Currently, the MPI portfolio has holdings in excess of $300MM. Through its vast network of brokers and owners, MPI sources deals, usually ones that are not on the general market; negotiates price; enters into contract; raises debt and equity financing; and manages the property in-house. Generally, purchases present the opportunity to add significant value to the asset, and MPI has consistently had success in doing so. Margules Properties, Inc. manages all owned properties in-house, enabling better control of all aspects of management. In addition, MPI’s construction affiliate, Manhattan Renewal Corp., is responsible for repairs and upgrades of the properties, also resulting in significantly better quality control and cost effectiveness.