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Marcus Hotels & Resorts

Milwaukee, WI

Marcus Hotels & Resorts is a leading force in the hospitality industry. With more than 50 years of expertise in hotel management, turnarounds, development and historic renovations, our diverse portfolio includes city-center convention hotels, premium brands, upscale resorts and independent and branded first-class hotels. We know what hotel owners want and need, and we can meet those expectations with accounting, legal, IT, operations, and sales and marketing expertise already in place. As a leading national hotel management company, Marcus Hotels & Resorts is a proven partner that adds a fresh perspective to any hotel's bottom line. Marcus Hotels and Resorts is an experienced company in an experience economy. We are a proud member of The Marcus Corporation (NYSE: MCS), a company with unmatched experience in entertainment, restaurants, and hotels. The company has created memories and led innovation for eight decades. We have enjoyed serving five generations of people through times of growth, prosperity, change, and economic challenge. We are driven to accomplish and achieve. We are entrepreneurs at heart and are dedicated to serve people.