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Lubert-Adler Partners, LP

Lubert-Adler Partners, LP

Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 1997

Since its founding in 1997, Lubert-Adler has raised over $8 billion of capital and invested in over $18 billion of real estate assets. More than 20 real estate professionals are experienced in underwriting, acquiring, repositioning, refinancing & selling real estate assets.


Lubert-Adler seeks to reduce portfolio risk by diversifying its group of investments across a broad range of property types and select geographic areas, with the goal of 10‐12% cash yield within 18 months of acquisition. Lubert-Adler focuses on acquiring and enhancing mid-size, value-add rental assets including multifamily, credit retail, urban mixed use and business hospitality assets. Lubert-Adler utilizes a combination of opportunistic acquisition philosophies and value enhancement programs designed to create high quality real estate assets at a favorable cost basis.