Last Mile Investments

Cincinnati, OH

Last Mile Investments (“LMI”) is a real estate investment manager that is 100% focused on the retail real estate sector, with two goals, to continually produce top risk-adjusted returns for our Investors and foster a long term partnership as a result. This experience and dedication to retail real estate allows us to create investment strategies that are mispriced, mismanaged, and overlooked, and then execute on those at the highest level. WE SEE WHAT OTHERS DON’T. Last Mile Investments is built on the thesis of creating a competitive advantage and a unique vision within the retail sector, and with a North American Properties partnership, we are uniquely built to outperform within our focus. In addition, Last Mile Investments targets high quality portfolios and companies with similar fundamentals as outlined above, including those where a portion is comprised of other asset types (mixed use, grocery, power, among others). Last Mile Investments is not limited geographically for these opportunities, thus will consider investments across the entire United States.