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Korea Investment & Securities

KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO., LTD. was re-formed in June 2005 when the company was merged with Dongwon Securities. The previously named Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. (KITC) was Korea's leading distributor of investment trust products, mainly those of its wholly owned subsidiary; while Dongwon Securities was one of Korea's main securities brokerages. Both of these companies previously played important roles in the development of the Korean capital market and the Korean economy. KITC was a major institutional investors specializing in asset management and sales of Korean funds, while Dongwon Securities was a specialist in securities brokerage, investment banking and derivatives trading. KITC was originally launched in 1974 as the first investment trust company in Korea. As a leader of the investment trust industry and a major institutional investor specializing in asset management, KITC helped customers to manage their assets effectively and made a great contribution to the development of the Korean capital market and economy. Dongwon Securities was established in 1968 and as a member of the Dongwon Group had also played a part in developing the Korean securities markets and the national economy by providing differentiated services and securing global competitiveness. With the merger, Korea Investment & Securities has become a major financial firm within Korea Investment Holdings and has secured first position in Korea for initial public offerings (IPOs). The new company is now one of the major securities firm in Korea with 84 branch offices, 7 overseas corporations, 2 overseas offices and 2,685 employees. (2020.06.30). The new Korea Investment & Securities aims to win the trust of customers, create significant synergy effects by nurturing corporate financing and asset management, and further consolidating its already sound financial structure. Through these achievements, Korea Investment & Securities will become the representative merchant bank in Korea and one of Asia's leading financial institutions.