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Jim Lake Companies

Dallas, TX

Before there was a Company, there were just properties… and like all good history before there was property, there were people. The Jim Lake Companies history is a story of people with vision, integrity, and a desire to serve their city and their clients. As with all good stories, all chapters have an ending before another one can be opened. Mike Morgan and Douglas Molny have both retired after many years of partnership with Jim Lake, Sr. and Jim Lake, Jr. Though Jim Lake Sr. is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. Jim Lake, Jr. and Amanda Moreno-Lake now own, manage, and oversee all aspects of JLC and what it has grown into over the years. Apart from managing and owning over 1.5 million SF of real estate, Jim and Amanda have both poured their lives out for the City of Dallas by serving on countless committees as Board Members or Chairs, and both are frequently featured in various publications as leading voices in commercial real estate in the DFW area.