San Antonio, TX

At Internacional, we are dedicated to creating communities that instill a sense of belonging, fellowship, pride, and trust to everyone involved, both within our own corporation and at each of our properties. It is our goal that with every interaction we have — with our internal team, our investors, and our residents — we create the warm, welcoming experience of being home. We believe in multifamily for investment, so we constantly look for opportunities to buy where our operational strengths can be put to best use. Our goal is to leverage our abilities in property management to produce high returns for our investors while still investing in high-quality assets. In this market environment, most multifamily investors and operators have to stretch underwriting assumptions to make deals work. We do not believe in that approach. But, we know we’re good at keeping operating expenses low and producing high-quality renovations for low cost. This ability enables us to make aggressive underwriting assumptions that are justified by our past performance. We believe this gives us an advantage in a competitive environment, while giving our partners (and ourselves) the comfort of knowing that we can execute post-closing.