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Hull Property Group

Augusta, GA

Hull Property Group is a full service retail real estate company headquartered in Augusta, Georgia. Founded in 1977 by James M. Hull, the company has grown to be one of the largest privately owned retail real estate companies in the United States with an owned portfolio in excess of 16 million square feet. Hull Property Group strives to facilitate a transformational improvement to the enclosed mall and surrounding retail node in communities across the United States. All company employees across departments and locations work to fulfill this mission. Hull Property Group aims to acquire and reposition retail properties by working within the community to rebuild and strengthen the retail landscape. Whether it is renovating a dated mall or demolishing to redevelopment the company prides itself on working collaboratively to create a shopping environment that meets the needs of the community. We self-manage our portfolio using a centralized approach to property management and operations. Our corporate office is home to specialized departments that work together to create well-coordinated solutions that can be implemented across properties.