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HKB Hotel Group

HKB Hotel Group

Brookhaven, GA

At the heart of our journey is a simple yet profound belief: hospitality is about people. We're not just one of the nation's fastest-growing hotel groups; we're a family of passionate individuals. Our diverse portfolio of properties, operational and in development, across various destinations is more than a business strategy; it's a tapestry of stories, memories, and experiences.


Our company is nurtured by a team of experienced professionals who don't just understand the hospitality industry but live and breathe it. They bring a personal touch to our management of over 4,500 rooms across multiple brands, turning each stay into a unique experience.


Our growth in the hospitality sector is a story of dreams woven into the walls of boutique hotels, the grandeur of luxury establishments, the balance of midscale accommodations, and the practical charm of economy hotels. This diversity reflects our understanding that every traveler is unique, with their own story to tell and memories to create.


But at the core, our commitment is to our stakeholders, which includes every guest who walks through our doors. We promise not just quality and excellence but warmth, care, and a memorable experience. Our team's years of experience are not just a measure of time, but a testament to the countless smiles and satisfied guests we've had the privilege to serve.


We're more than a hotel group; we're a home away from home, a place where every guest is family, and every stay is a cherished memory in the making. Welcome to our world, where hospitality is not just a service, but a way of life.