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Hanini Group

Hanini Group

Newark, NJ

Founded in 2002

Hanini Group is an award-winning real estate firm with more than 15 years of experience developing high-caliber loft-style residential, retail, commercial and corporate properties. With more than $700 million of development projects under its belt, the firm is primarily known for its successful track record of taking historic properties in Newark, New Jersey, and rehabilitating them from top to bottom. Many of these buildings, beautifully restored to their former glory, have quickly become landmarks and popular focal points in the city. The firm has expanded beyond Newark and has taken on large marquee projects in the greater New York City metropolitan area, such as Northern New Jersey and Brooklyn.


In practice, Hanini Group delivers a unique blend of creative vision and practicality that brings a fresh perspective to real estate development while staying ahead of the curve in the latest green building practices. Committed to vibrant cities and towns, Hanini Group is strongly dedicated to producing high-end spaces with the latest amenities while preserving historical integrity when working with older properties.


Over the years, the firm has been recognized for its work by cities and towns, prominent business leaders, local institutions, historical experts, and news media.