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Fuqua Development

Atlanta, GA

Fuqua Development LP was established in March 2012 by Jeff Fuqua, Principal, and Heather Correa, Partner. Jeff Fuqua, the company's namesake, was a Sembler executive for 24 years and was a Board member, Partner and President when he left Sembler to start the new development company.

Heather Correa was a Sembler executive for 15 years and was Vice President of Development when she left Sembler to establish the new company along with Jeff Fuqua.

During their tenure at Sembler, the company was widely recognized across America for its extraordinarily successful marquee metro Atlanta projects. Developments such as Town Brookhaven, Edgewood Retail Development, Perimeter Place, Midtown Place, The Prado, Lindbergh Plaza, Lenox Marketplace, Canton Town Center and Henry Town Center, among others, made Sembler's name synonymous with bold, innovative, cutting-edge, high-quality mixed-use developments in urban and suburban settings.

Fuqua Development Company is headquartered in Atlanta, which has been Fuqua's base of operations (and his home) since 1992. The company is pursuing major urban retail mixed-use developments in Atlanta, Denver, Florida, South Carolina, and Canada.