Evergreen Investment Company

Bainbridge Island, WA

Founded in 1981

We are owners and developers of privately-held real estate assets, consisting primarily of multifamily, commercial shopping centers, and raw land. We are constantly growing our real estate portfolio by leveraging our expertise to evaluate opportunities, invest in new deals, and manage those properties post-acquisition.


Evergreen Investment Company has the reputation and experience of a trusted institutional real estate firm—and the heart of a local family office. Bruce Galloway boasts over 40 years of delivering attractive risk-adjusted investment returns to his network of partners. Our team strives to embody the term “life-long learning” and we are actively looking to work with new partners in our investment pursuits. Real Estate Investments. Evergreen Investment Company’s approach to real estate is mathematical, patient, and selective. We are conservative but opportunistic when pursuing properties. Our team’s ongoing research and alignment with strategic partners gives us quick access to thousands of market and off-market opportunities. We evaluate as many deals as possible in our target markets, taking the time necessary to make the optimal decisions for our partners, but have the unique ability to deploy capital quickly.


‍Partnerships. Each member of our team is committed to fostering a strong work culture and collaborative approach to our projects, both internally and externally. We constantly strive for improvement, innovative thinking, and recognition of talent and creative problem-solving.


Philanthropy. Evergreen Investment Company is rooted in the philosophy of giving back, both locally and globally. Our approach to giving includes supporting charities and non-profit ventures with the goal of eradicating global issues and providing sustainable solutions. Through the Evergreen Global Foundation, we reinvest a percentage of our net profit into promoting land conservation, microfinance, and medical research work across the world.