Everest Holdings

Everest Holdings is a real estate investment and advisory services firm founded by Joe Blackbourn and continuously operated in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2002. Since inception, Everest has consistently achieved above-standard returns for itself and its investors across property types and strategic platforms in commercial real estate. For its advisory service clients, Everest brings its experienced team of principals to bear, managing outcomes that can only be produced by senior leadership and a sophisticated understanding of real estate and capital markets. The Everest team strives to create uncommon value through in-depth analysis, strategic planning, optimal capital structures and acutely focused execution.


Everest Holdings’ affiliates have acquired approximately $500 million of commercial and residential assets throughout the Southwestern US over decades and the company has a proven track record of prudent and profitable investment throughout cycles.


During engagements for our advisory services clients, we advise and help to execute strategies as if they were our own.